The Rabbit on Wheels Finds Her True Love

Charles, the American Sable rabbit is spending the third year with Elise Oliphant and her fiancé since she was rescued from a hose under a bush in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.

The rabbit must really love her saviors but not as much as she loves her “boyfriend” known as Mr Magoo. Charles, also known as ChiChi got her special wheel chair from the US based company, Dogs to Go.

As for ChiChi, love may indeed be sacred as no other reason might be logical enough to justify why she fell in love with the blind Mr Magoo. Mr Magoo, though blind, might have been attracted by ChiChi’s big brown eyes and beautiful coloring. Elise Oliphant and her fiancé may be having a long life companionship with the two phenomenal rabbits.

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