Timmy and mother Linda Bannon born without arms

Timmy and his mother Linda Bannon were born without arms. They suffer from a rare genetic condition known as Holt Oram Syndrome, which is also linked to some heart related conditions.

Source: Youtube

Both mother and son are living life to the full and refuse to be discouraged by their conditions. Linda Bannon got married in 2003. Linda and her husband were aware of the possibility of giving birth to a child without arms who may also have serious medical challenges but they were still insistent because they also believed in the possibility of having a complete family.

The mother and child share certain things in common. Apart from the fact that they are both determined, they enjoy swimming as a sport and Timmy also does well in taekwondo. In addition, Linda is working hard to become a motivational speaker. She is currently rendering her services as a kindergarten teacher.

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