SNAPPED: Giant Python Attacks Goat

SNAPPED: Giant Python Attacks Goat

Something weird happened near Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Ghosiana, Uttar Pradesh, India some days ago. It was the attack of a goat by a giant python and its escape following the intervention of a group of villagers in the area. Source: The python wanted to have lunch so it attacked the black goat. Usually,…

Timmy and mother Linda Bannon born without arms

Timmy and his mother Linda Bannon were born without arms. They suffer from a rare genetic condition known as Holt Oram Syndrome, which is also linked to some heart related conditions. Source: Youtube Both mother and son are living life to the full and refuse to be discouraged by their conditions. Linda Bannon got married…

Jen Bricker : an inspirational athlete born without legs

Jen Bricker, 27, is an inspirational athlete born without legs. Her lack of legs can be attributed to a genetic birth defect. Jen grew up to like gymnastics as she idolized Moceanu whom she later discovered to be her sister. Source: Youtube The discovery came shortly after she won the gymnastic competitions at state level….