Watch Conan on TBS as He Takes on Comic-Con

Comic-Con is a yearly convention where comics come to entertain their audience. This year’s event will be holding this week in San Diego and it will feature Conan in a different personality.

Source: Youtube

In preparation for this, Conan is visiting the Iron Head Studio in Van Nuys, California. The Iron Head Studio is a place where costumes are made for superhero films—films that make lots of dollars in profit. The Iron Head Studio is owned and founded by Jose Fernandez.

The studio has made costumes of Spider Man, Batman, Thor, Oblivion, Daredevil, Daft Punk, Destroid and more. They have been in this business for the past two decades and have lots of professionals that make things work. You can watch the other side of Conan on TBS during weeknights 11/10c.

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