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Sianagh Gallagher : One-armed climber competes in climbing

Sianagh Gallagher of Britain is a 19-year old girl who is keen on conquering new heights and being the first female to compete for her country in climbing. The one-armed climber developed a flare for climbing nine years ago in primary school when she joined the school’s climbing club.

The 19-year old is determined not to allow her physical conditions prevent her from reaching her goals. The climber was born without a collarbone, shoulder blade or a left arm. She is the current champion of the British Competition Series.

Sianagh travels to Austria, Italy, France and Spain to compete for her country with Team GB. Contrary to popular belief that she might not survive at birth, Sianagh has proved her doubters wrong by making her country proud. She also likes painting, skating and taking care of pets.

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