Xmlgold.eu Review – Exchanger and Credit Card Company

Xmlgold.eu Review

Xmlgold.eu Review

Xmlgold.eu Review
Xmlgold.eu Review

Xmlgold.eu (XML Gold) is a company established in 2006 to help individuals and companies convert their money from one currency to another. At the time of its creation, it dominated the exchange market in changing different currencies like US dollars to pounds, digital currencies to cash and vice versa. They continued strong in this until the introduction of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and right now, they have also included a host of other cryptocurrencies into their exchange services.

Xmlgold.eu Review
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Xmlgold.eu (XML Gold) is a company established in 2006 to help individuals and companies convert their money from one currency to another.

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XML Gold realized the changing demands of the people to carry cash about so they introduced a special kind of prepaid card. Initially, the aim was to enable exchangers who used XML Gold for exchange to transfer their funds to the card. However, along the line, the card went through tremendous improvements such that in addition to transferring exchanged funds, one can also use it as a normal credit card.

Website Accessibility

Xmlgold.eu is easy to reach anytime, any day. The website has been running smoothly since its creation and although there have been changes made to include more services as the years went by, the site’s unique design and simplicity has not been tampered with.

The truth about their international status is revealed in the availability of different languages. Anyone from England or USA, Russia, Germany, China, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, France and more can benefit from the site by changing the default language to his or her native one. With just a click, you can change English Language to French and vice versa. This is also the case with the other language options.

The website has a simple layout to make your browsing experience easy. There is a chat icon on display for a live communication with a representative. The website has up to date news on digital currencies and the latest countries and services adopting them.

Benefits of XML Gold

I want to classify XML Gold’s benefits under two major categories: As an exchange service and as a prepaid card provider

1. Benefits as an Exchange Service

Several Exchange Mediums

Having a plethora of exchange mediums reduces the cost of transferring from a particular currency to the desired one. For example, because XML gold can quickly convert bitcoins to Payeer, I do not have to go through a third medium which will increase the cost of the entire process. There are over 12 payment systems on XML gold and they include OK Pay, Payeer, BTC, Epay, Advacash, ecoin, Perfect Money and more. Transactions in these payment systems can be done in Euros, US dollars and Great Britain pounds.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees in the exchange service. You can correctly predict how much to expect when selling or buying a currency based on the current exchange rate given on the home page. The only time deductions occur is when your payment system deducts their own charges for aiding your transaction. This is normal as in banks where commissions are charged for account maintenance.

Offline Transactions

At XML Gold, you can do your offline transaction without logging into your account. This means that it is possible to transfer funds without necessarily signing up for an account. This can however take place for small amounts just like I did when I sent 20 EUR to a friend in Europe.

2. Benefits as a Prepaid Card Provider

This is what I enjoy the most in XML Gold. With my XML Gold prepaid card, I enjoy lots of benefits.

It works like a Credit Card

You know what credit cards are used for right? XML Gold prepaid cards are just like any credit card you can think of. In fact, it has an extra advantage of attracting no commissions for borrowing. It is a prepaid card so you spend only the amount you have transferred to the card.

Suitable for Online Shopping

XML Gold cards can be used to shop online, book trips and pay tuition fees for school. The VISA logo on it strongly indicates that wherever any VISA card is used, XML Gold cards can also be used there. This also applies to ATM machines; there are over 1.5 million ATM machines worldwide where you can cash your money with an XML prepaid card.

Available in Different Currencies

XML Gold prepaid cards come in Euro, GBP and US dollars. The cost of the cards is quite low when compared with obtaining them directly from a bank. Using specific cards for internet transactions reduces extra costs in converting from one currency to another. For someone like me who purchases items with US dollars, I would rather go for the US dollar card and avoid hassles on conversion.

Long Validity Period

All XML Gold’s prepaid cards last up to three years. This is unlike most cards that are given a maximum of two years validity. You can ask for two different cards of the same currency at once and it will be given to you.

Highly Secured

XML Gold’s prepaid cards are secured. They are enabled with both chip and PIN protection and needs no connection to a bank account. You can also operate anonymous with it to minimize identity theft.

Competitive Fees and Freebies

All prepaid cards from XML Gold are interest free. The only deductions are the fixed fees for ATM withdrawals, loading fees and some other obvious ones. There are definitely no hidden charges and there is nothing like monthly maintenance and renewal fees. A detailed list of charges and freebies is available on http://xmlgold.eu/en/creditcard/fees.

Why you Can Trust XML Gold

Years of Experience

Any company that has maintained a vision for up to ten years can indeed be classified as a genuine company. Since 2006, XML Gold has been fulfilling its promises and helping to make internet transactions very easy.


XML Gold is talked about in most nooks and crannies. News about XML Gold is carried both online and offline. Popular names such as Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Wallstreet Online, New York Business Journal and Bitcoinist.net carry news about XML Gold. Forums for the company also exist and they include http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r331600-.html (for English speakers) and http://mmgp.ru/showthread.php?t=22333 (in Russian language). The company has been closely monitored for over five years on https://www.bestchange.com/xmlgold-exchanger.html.

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Use the comment below if you have issues or concerns about xmlgold.eu.

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