Cassandra Bankson - The Girl with Two Vaginas

Cassandra Bankson, a 22-year- old female, has shocked her fans since announcing her possession of two vaginas. Before the discovery, Cassandra had been afflicted with severe acne so much that she had to withdraw from school at that time. Her pursuit for solution to her acne condition led her into becoming a model as a professional make-up artiste.

Source: Youtube

Cassandra lives in San Francisco but travels around the world as a model. Before her diagnosis, she suspected something was wrong with her after experiencing severe pains in her body. After a test, her doctor announced that she had two vaginas.

Before the discovery, Cassandra says she usually had long menstrual periods and that she had bled up to 28 days sometime ago. According to her gynecologist, her severe acne condition is not a result of her double vagina. Her first pimple was said to have appeared at the age of seven. Despite these situations, Cassandra still lives happily and is optimistic she can have children.

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