High-profile inmates Jaybee Sebastian and Vicente Sy to attend next hearing

There is a possibility that high-profile inmates Jaybee Sebastian and Vicente Sy will attend the next house committee on justice’s hearing on illegal drug trade inside Bilibid.

High-Profile inmates Jaybee Sebastian was not able to attend the third hearing of the house committee on justice today. This is because Sebastian is still recovering from his injuries that he sustained during the riot incident last week. However, according to Department of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, Sebastian might be able to attend as a witness together with another inmate next hearing.

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Sec. of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre II said “Perhaps we will be sure that Jaybee Sebastian and another witness stabbed Vicente Sy will be around to testify.”

Earlier Bilibid inmate Nonilo Andaya Arile testified that Sebastian was giving drug money to De Lima and former Bucor Chief Franklin Bucayu.

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Nonilo Arile said “Jaybee is known to be untouchable here inside Bilibid because he regularly gives a big amount of money to former Department of Justice Sec. Leila De Lima and former Director Bucayu of the Bureau of Corrections. I know these things because Jaybee personally told me about these during the course of our conversation whenever he asked me for advices.”

Among those who attended the hearing as resource persons were former Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission Executive Director Reginald Villasanta and former Bucor Chief Bucayu. In Bucayu’s testimony, he denies accusations that he receives drug money.

Villasanta was not allowed to give his testimony because he did not have a written one thus he was asked to present it during the next hearing. The Committee on Justice will continue the investigation regarding the illegal drug trade at the new Bilibid Prison on Monday.

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