Senator De Lima stands firm she has never involved in the accusation against her

Senator De Lima stands firm not to give up in her fight to prove that she is innocent

Senator De Lima was today’s guest speaker during the dialogue on democracy and human rights. There, she courageously insisted that she is innocent and has never been involved in the illegal drug trade at the new bilibid prison. De Lima says that although her loved ones and friends stop her from talking, she still chooses to fight.

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De Lima said “I cannot stop because all these things they they are saying are more or less I now become I am now the Drug Trade Queen of the National Bilibid prison is all hog washed. It is an absolute lie it is something I will fight for and even die for to prove that I am innocent.”

The senator also confirmed that Joenel Sanchez had been her security aide, but that she was hurt by some his statements about her personal relationship with them.

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De Lima said “I wasn’t able to listen to the entire testimony of Joenel.”

Senator De Lima further said that involving people who were part of her security group wouldn’t help in the ongoing investigation. The senator also stood firm that the house probe on alleged illegal drug trade inside the NBP is just part of the efforts to prove the accusations against her.

De Lima said “I believe that the agenda of that inquiry is not in aid of legislation but demomlition job. They continue to vilify me they continue to demonize me as a person.”

De Lima also denied that she knows Durano, who was one those who testified about her supposed involvement in the illegal drug trade inside the bilibid.

De Lima said “I don’t even know him (laughs). I don’t know him so that’s again a total lie.”

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