Lauren Williams - The Girl with America’s Longest Legs

Lauren Williams is currently making high strides as the woman with America’s longest legs, measuring a surprising 49 inches. Lauren Williams, 25, is taking advantage of this natural gift in her modeling career, where she now appears to be better than her competitors.

Source: Youtube

Lauren is 6 ft4 tall and wears size 11 shoes. It is possible that her stature and height could be attributed to her athletic competition in volleyball during her college days. Nevertheless, heredity must have also played a vital role as her parents are equally tall.

Lauren fell into swimwear modeling after school. Just like the bee which has the honey and the sting, Lauren’s long legs also fetch her some bad luck. One of her challenges is the fact that she doesn’t readily find her size of jean trousers and must meet a tailor anytime she wants a new pair.

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