President Duterte warned telecommunication companies to improve quality services

President Duterte has once again warned telecommunications companies in the country to improve their quality of services.

President Duterte warns that he shall open opportunities in the country for foreign telecommunication companies or TELCOS. This is if local telcos could not improve their services for the filipino citizens.

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The President has earlier mentioned that if competition is opened in the communication sector, internet service will be improved and the cost will be lessened.

President Duterte says “You have no competition. If I text, I wait for a reply. I will sleep first, and I will receive the reply the next day. I just endure that. If you do not do it right, you wait. I’m going to China. I’ll open up everything for competition. I will open it all.”

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President Duterte is scheduled to travel to China from October 18 to 21 this year. Aside from the issues over the west Philippine Sea, the President will also intensify the bilateral trade between the Philippines and China, and will make way for alliance between the two countries.

President Duterte says “I am quite positive with China. It’s okay. We will have the Filipinos returning to the traditional fishing grounds. I think they will ease up with the quality control with the banana, and so many other things. They said we’d help you with this and help you there.”

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